Rokdim PDX

Portland Israeli Dancing
with Donna Cole

Israeli Dancing in Portland, Oregon is social dancing to great music. Come to open session Israeli dancing or sign up for an Israeli dance class. Even if you haven't done Israeli dancing before, you can still come to an open session and see what it's like. The video below will give you a good feeling for it. Read more about Israeli Folk dancing in Portland.

מישראל? 🇮🇱

From Israel? We are keeping track of the new popular dances, and are always adding to our repertoire. Our goal is to stay current with new dances and build a session that emulates a session in Israel. 

Note: We do circle and line dances as well as partner dances. Partner dancing not required.

My dream was to lead dance sessions, to make people happy and smile.

Yaron Carmel

Israeli Dance Choreographer