What to Expect
if you are new to Israeli Dancing

Who is this for?

Israeli dancing is social dancing, and social dancing is all about having fun. You don't have to worry about doing the steps perfectly. In fact, most people start doing Israeli dancing by copying the feet of other dancers, not by taking classes. If you love music (particularly Middle Eastern music) and you enjoy learning, this is a great activity to get moving and smiling with other people. Watch this video on YouTube about Israeli Folk Dancing. [Note: the video shows a lot of partner dancing. Most of the dancing we do is circle dances, so you don't need a partner.]


Please pay $7 at the door with cash or Venmo. 

What to wear

Shoes. Lace-up athletic shoes are recommended. Bring shoes with you and change into them when you get to the studio. Dance sneakers, hip hop shoes, or running shoes are best because of the cushion and stable sole. 

Exercise clothes or street clothes. Causal wear like tshirts and jeans, or comfortable athletic wear is a great place to start. 

What to bring with you


Email Anne, pdxisraelidance@gmail.com