Israeli Dance Classes & Events

Beginner 1, Israeli Folk Dance Class

Every Monday at 7:30pm
Leedy Grange, 835 NW Saltzman Rd, Portland

$7 each class, at the door, cash or Venmo

First timers welcome. Learn a few easy dances and hang out with people from the Portland Israeli Dance community! Plan to stay for at least an hour. Drop-ins are fine, but if you let us know you are coming we can be better prepared: Email Anne to sign up,


Beginner 2, Israeli Folk Dance Class

Every Sunday at 7:00pm
Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall, 8936 SW 17th Ave, Portland

$7 at the door, cash or Venmo

If you aren't on Donna's email list and need confirmation the class is happening on a particular night, please email Anne,

After you've learned the basics, start building repertoire with the next level of beginner dances. The pace is quicker than Beginner 1 and the dances have more steps. 

Can you come if you are more advanced? Yes. This is a great way to really focus in on every beat of a dance so you can perform the dance without following other dancers. 

Can you come if you don't know the basics yet? Yes. This can work for someone who is motivated, self-directed, and doesn't feel self-conscious or overwhelmed when they fall behind the group. You can build your skills by practicing Beginner 1 dances at home.

What are "the basics"?

Example dances for this class